If you need to report a domain, email or IP address involved in any illegal or abusive activity, here are some tips to follow to make this process easier follow to make this process easier.

How to report abuse

For reports regarding abuse of our hosting services or your WHM India account that are related to our Terms, please send an e-mail to abuse@whmindia.com

Use of services

Please be as detailed as possible when explaining the problem, including if possible, IP address, domain name, timestamps, specific links/URLs, and a detailed description of the activity you are reporting.

What happens with your report

When an abuse report is received, it is routed to our dedicated Abuse Team where it will be queued and processed. Due to the volume of reports we receive daily, we cannot guarantee a personal response to each message we receive. However, we will endeavor to reply to individual inquiries in cases where a personal response is requested or necessary. Otherwise, please rest assured that we will take necessary action to ensure our Terms of Service (as well as applicable US/state laws) are being respected. All abuse reports are logged and tracked individually. As such, we ask that each report be limited to one domain name. For multiple instances of abuse on a single domain, please include them in a single report in order to ensure a timely resolution.

Domain names registered with WHM India

Please note that there are instances where we may not be able to verify or take restrictive action on an abuse report if a domain name is not hosted on our network, even if the domain name is registered with WHM India, as we do not have access to third-party servers. In order to expedite resolution, we recommend that abuse reports concerning content or activity hosted on third-party servers be reported to their respective hosting providers.